Mick Gould


So, let me introduce myself…   I was at Hereford UK, 22 Special Air Service (SAS) where I worked in the advanced training wings of the Counter Revolutionary and Revolutionary Warfare cadres.  I was responsible among other things for Close Combat training where I earned grandiose titles such as Mick The Neck, Spock, and affectionately known as The Neck Stretcher from Gwent! (Gwent is a county in Wales. Yes, you’ve guessed, I’m Welsh)

Following this I was engaged by Her Majesties Government in security operations overseas.  

Tell you any more about that and you’ll have to put your head through the shredder, and of course having completed that it is compulsory to burn your eyeballs!  However a Braille copy of this book will be available in the near future…


I have worked with and trained various agencies:

The Royalty Protection Group. (Queens’s bodyguard)

The Royal Hong Kong VIP protection unit, at Hong Kong.

GSBR (French body guard unit).  At Versace France.

FBI HRT Team (Hostage rescue team) at Quantico USA

Delta Special Force at Fort Bragg NC.

Various firearms teams in UK and Europe

I have also provided training for HRH The Prince of Wales.


I have been a martial artist since the age of fourteen and formulated my own style Nagasu Do which consists of Judo, Aikido, Ju Jitsu and my experience as the close combat instructor at 22 SAS.

(find me at mickgould.com and of course there’s a Nagasu Do facebook page.)


On retiring from my duties I worked around the world as a Security Consultant and then became involved in the Movie Industry in Hollywood.  I have worked on numerous movies as a technical advisor and combat trainer, for example:

HEAT, directed by Michael Mann.

COLLATERAL, directed by Michael Mann.

THE INSIDER, directed by Michael Mann.

THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, directed by Renne Harlin.

RONIN, directed by John Frankenhiemer.

THE SCORE, directed by Frank Oz…

MIAMI VICE,  directed by Michael Mann.

PUBLIC ENEMIES, directed by Michael Mann.

TEXAS KILLING FIELDS, directed by Ami Canaan-Mann.

TAKEN, directed by Pierre Morel.

THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS, directed by Antoine Fuqua.

THE GOOD SHEPHERD, directed by Robert De Niro.






I have trained well-known actors such as:

Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro, Al pacino, Marlon Brando, Russel Crow, Collin Farrell, Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, Jamie Fox, Gong Li, Naomi Harris, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Geena Davis, Mira Sorvino, Natasha McElhone, Tom Sizemore Val Kilmer, Sean Bean, Jean Reno, Keneth Brannah, Choy Yun Fat.


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